Ian Poulter is quite a popular player well known for his charitable ventures and lending a helping hand to people in times of need. His recent and most successful venture was for the Nemours Children Hospital where he managed to raise a whooping hundred thousand dollars in the inaugural match of the Ian Poultry Charity Classic. This was quite a huge amount that was collected considering the fact that the fund raiser was organized in less than two months and was actually in the conceptual stages of planning and development. Ian Poulter has been quite happy and contented with the amount that has been brought in and went on to say that it came in quite quickly and all the 26 teams were sold out without much delay.

Ian Poulter has been an important of many charitable outlets all over Britain which cater to seriously ill and disabled children from the UK. Ian Poulter was quite impressed with the way Nemours operated and he got to see a full view of it when he visited the campus and felt quite at home walking around for five to six hours.

Ian Poutler is really happy that he could make this venture a success and the money will be sent to the under privileged children of Nemours hospital. He hopes that he can further such ventures in his professional career and make use of the contact and sources that he has managed to build over the years. Caring about society has always been a top priority for him and he will make sure that he can do everything under his reach to get the best charity events and shows to take place. There’s a lot of wishes and luck from his fans for his upcoming ventures.