Poulter revealed the new way of dealing with the trolls is blocking them.

He says blocking the user to be his fresh strategy of dealing with trolls. Why Poulter has opted this way, there is a reason behind, the player used to get into tussles on twitter with users who would insult him or spout criticisms behind the keyboard. To deal with this, the player opted out a different approach to deal with these instances.

Poulter said, “I have chosen to really stop involving myself with the negative comments coming in on my account. I have stopped reading and getting involved. I’m not reacting, what I do is immediately blocking the negative comments that come in. I have chosen not to react to those comments anymore. Instead of reacting to those, I prefer to just block the account. By doing so, I am feeling quite happy. An expression of feeling is the right of everyone and each individual is free to say what they want to say. Choosing this way of reaction, I am not restricting anyone to read my tweet. But, it is my choice that I should allow to read my tweet. And by blocking the account I am able to do so.” He said.

Poulter has 2.31 million followers on his Twitter account, and why the player has changed the way of reaction is the old way didn’t work.

Poulter said, “When you grow as an individual and reaches to a level, then you realize that what mistakes you have done on the social media. If I analyze about what I have done with my social media account, it is a no-win situation. People don’t really care. Yet, there are people in large number who does care, and a large proportion of these people are reluctant to hear moaning or controversial comebacks. That is the something that I have learned from social media so far.”

Ian Poulter