Ian Poulter plays hard and work hard and that is the reason his collection of the car is also based on his game.

His ranking in the world has gone up to as high as number 5 and he is also bestowed with other awards as well. He has the luxury purchase his desire of car. The hybrid variety of Ferrari La Ferrari is his latest acquisition. It is the brand new range.

The rage was so high that before it’s unveiling officially, all the units which were 499 in total were sold. It is considered as the latest hyper car and that is the reason why it is considered to be exclusive. In the coming months, the name of the owners will be revealed.

The ride costs $1, 69 million whoever buys it. It will be all the eminent personalities who own the car. It is not a hidden fact that the enthusiasm of Ian Poulter for car is huge. Also he is one of the greatest players. In 2008 he bought a Ford GT and along with these he also has a Ferrari California and a Bentley Continental. Previously he also had Aston Martin DB9 and Nissan Skyline.

All his acquisitions are nothing in compared to his latest purchase. He is so enthusiastic that he spent the full day at Maranello which is the headquarters of Ferrari. On instagram he posted his pictures. It was not just his motive of visiting the factories of car for having a glance at them rather the seat fitting factor made him go the head quarter in Italy. He made sure that his intentions reach his fans which are precisely what he did by tweeting and putting pictures. He showed the real class as a sportsman and his lavish spending.

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