It’s no secret that dedicated sportsmen take to radical lengths to charge up their exhausted bodies prior to next challenge – which even includes inserting several needles into necks.

Renowned English golf star Poulter (Ian) is one such dedicated sportsman who has turned to acupuncture convert lately and frequently uses this painful-looking technique as a relief from different strains- associated with his sport.

The star recently posted a picture over social media that featured him with as many as 8 needles stuck into his neck. The Instagram post was accompanied by a fun caption that said- “I am feeling like pin cushion”.

The 39-year-old is just back from a great finish at US Masters championship where successive last rounds of sixty seven saw him finishing at 6th and that of course conveyed a pretty powerful  message to very-impressed Ryder spearhead Darren Clarke.

“Well, I was really very proud of myself that very I teed over the last weekend. I just missed out on 4 greens in last couple of rounds- that is tad special here”, stated Poulter speaking about his US Open experience this year.

“I gave several chances to myself & I might have even plummeted lower over last 36. The first two days were really frustrating since I left several spots in bad places.”

Clarke, who was Ian’s partner at the esteemed event said- “That is the best from him, in my opinion. The 67 could be 63 as well.”

Ian is positive of taking on 1st tour victory since 2012 HSBC champions and stressed- “I know that I will.”

The English golfer isn’t the sole sportsman to take to unconventional treatments for recovery. In fact, world boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Junior also takes to SubZero recovery for cooling down before mega bouts.