25 thoughts on “Ian Poulter Chats Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf”

  1. how can you kike ian poulter?? hes the c*nt of golf ! hes all talk and only an english person cud like him cause yer all arrogant c*nts too!

  2. @it3659 I’m glad he’s on tour, I enjoy laughing at his 300mph over the top swing with his Graffaloy blue, him shankin it in the Open at Birkdale and him shankin 2 in the masters 😀

  3. @notdrivingaminimetro If you were him what wud u do, sell mars bars or go on tour earning in total about £6m a year in prize money and sponsors looool

  4. @notdrivingaminimetro Haha yer shit happens, but saying is like calling monty crap, when he wasn’t he was a legend to the game….

  5. @it3659 yet he can’t even mark his ball properly oh dear! give us a shout when he’s won a major

  6. @notdrivingaminimetro Average? He’s just came 6th, 1st and 2nd and in world top 10, your the goon…

  7. “what’s he like?” “well unlike me he can play golf and he loves bumming brass”

  8. @MrGrotbag totally agree, average golfer, turned off four, dresses like a goon and should never win a major 🙂

  9. Poulter is good for golf, he is a good player and has a great attitude towards the game. His dress sense is a bit funky, but at least its not boring. Cant fault him really.

  10. what a tool instead of chatting about tiger woods why dont you try concentrating on your golf and winning a major your a complete joke poulter and you will never win a major your too fragile mentally

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