Ian Poulter is an English professional golfer who was born on the 10th of January in the year 1976. He was born in Hitchin in Bedfordshire. He is one of those golfers who take to the game naturally as these was this golfing culture in his family, naturally he started playing gold at a very young age when he was even smaller than a gold club. He has been passionate about the sport form the very beginning and he has had a good deal of exposure from childhood only. His parents were very supportive and encourage him to take up the sport. He was pretty successful at an amateur level as he represented his club in various amateur level tournaments. He later went on to play at the collegiate level also.

Ian Poulter played for his local club and wanted to turn pro but could never make the break early in his life but later he turned professional and presently he is playing in the two largest professional golf tours, the PGA which is the American tour and the European tour. He has won a number of titles in this time some of which are really prestigious. He has also represented his country in the prestigious Ryder Cup. The Ryder Cup is the most prestigious golf tournament and it is an annual competition between golfing teams form America and England. It is the most anticipated tournament in golf and representing your country in this tournament is every golfers dream. He has made some important contributions during the tournament and has helped his side win the competition by some playing top quality golf.

Ian Poulter is one of the hardest working golfers around who attaches a lot of priority to practice and hard work. He has always been very focused on his game and has taken every game seriously no matter what the situation. He is a very modest individual and has always been very highly respected in all circles. He has a very sound technique which he has developed through years of practice and devotion. Whenever he has experienced any slump in form or performance he has always stuck to the basics and has fought his way out of it. Loss of form is common in the career of every athlete and since golf required a lot of focus and concentration, it is difficult to give your best all the time.

Ian Poulter has had a very illustrious career but he has also made news for the wrong reasons, he has a very bad temper and when he not performing to his potential and when things are not working for him then he tends to lose focus and vent his anger in the course itself, he has been warned and his match fee has been deducted on many occasions, he has also been in the news for his controversial tweets and allied things. But it cannot be denied that Ian Poulter is a very good talent and one to look out for in the not so distant future.

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