Weakened Field Favors Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter has come back from long time injury and weakened filed at Sanderson Farms Championship may favor him to win the match and make a remarkable comeback with victory.

Poulter suffers from arthritis pain in his right foot and was of game for four months. He was on extended medication given by PGA tour and thus have been out of Ryder Cup. Now, Poulter has to play a really good game in all the matches that he has in hand to secure his position in the top 125 players. After all, he has ten events to play in which he can earn enough money and FedEx cup is there to get points. When total of both will be made he will be able secure his position in the top 125 players.

Among the 10 event first happened in Malaysia i.e. CIMB classic, here Poulter finished 17th. Ian Poulter is hopeful he will maintain his position in World ranking and will overcome with his injury soon. The Sanderson Farm Championship is going to take place in Country Club of Jackson. Read More

Poulter Offers Support To Hull

The most popular European Ryder Cup star Ian Poulter is currently on a four month break from golf activities following a foot injury.

He is having a lot of free time now. Ian had a small commentary stint with the Sky Sports team for the Royal Troon event. After the successful commentary stint, he has now turned at the Woburn Golf Club last week to offer support to the women’s golfers pitting it out for the Ricoh Women’s British Open. He is also there at the Open to support Charley Hull, his fellow Woburn is touring professional.

He was quite impressed with how to golf course for the Ricoh Women’s British Open has shaped up. He even gave some tips on how to play on this golf course in an effective manner to earn good results. He said that he was there on the course to enjoy every bit of women’s golf. Read More

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Ian Poulter Takes To Acupuncture For Recovery

It’s no secret that dedicated sportsmen take to radical lengths to charge up their exhausted bodies prior to next challenge – which even includes inserting several needles into necks.

Renowned English golf star Poulter (Ian) is one such dedicated sportsman who has turned to acupuncture convert lately and frequently uses this painful-looking technique as a relief from different strains- associated with his sport.

The star recently posted a picture over social media that featured him with as many as 8 needles stuck into his neck. The Instagram post was accompanied by a fun caption that said- “I am feeling like pin cushion”.

The 39-year-old is just back from a great finish at US Masters championship where successive last rounds of sixty seven saw him finishing at 6th and that of course conveyed a pretty powerful  message to very-impressed Ryder spearhead Darren Clarke.

“Well, I was really very proud of myself that very I teed over the last weekend. I just missed out on 4 greens in last couple of rounds- that is tad special here”, stated Poulter speaking about his US Open experience this year. Read More

‘Little Girl’ titled For Poulter

The PGA of America gave him the title of ‘little girl’ after which he has become disappointed. The title was bestowed to him on different handles of social media. More than disappointment he is shocked about it.

The book which was released recently titled as ‘No Limits’, Ted Bishop singled out Poulter for criticising the jobs inferred to Tom Watson and Nick Faldo who were the captains of Ryder Cup.

Among the list of greatest players, Faldo does belong to the list of Britain’s players who was the captain of European team but was defeated in the Ryder Cup in 2008. He has 8 majors and 5 titles of British Open under his belt. He also captained the team of USA but there as well he had to witness defeat at Gleneagles. Read More

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New Ferrari For Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter plays hard and work hard and that is the reason his collection of the car is also based on his game.

His ranking in the world has gone up to as high as number 5 and he is also bestowed with other awards as well. He has the luxury purchase his desire of car. The hybrid variety of Ferrari La Ferrari is his latest acquisition. It is the brand new range.

The rage was so high that before it’s unveiling officially, all the units which were 499 in total were sold. It is considered as the latest hyper car and that is the reason why it is considered to be exclusive. In the coming months, the name of the owners will be revealed. Read More

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Kaymer Was Confident About Medinah Putt

Kaymer’s teammates might have been anxious about his performance & his captain too stressed but the German star declared that he was completely confident about making the Medinah putt at Ryder Cup.

The star golfer faced a 7ft putt to beat Stricker (Steve) in penultimate singles game 7 gave the fourteenth point to Europe that ensured that the continent would be able to maintain hold on the prestigious trophy.

It’s to note here that in spite of every hurdle in between, especially his off-form for long which even made him think himself liable for Rose’s (Justin) defeat, Martin held himself with great admirable calm.

“It is really hard to answer as it should not sound much arrogant but actually I was never in doubt about the putt”, Kaymer stated. “It is one among those stuffs that you can’t miss. It is really hard to explain. Might be some athletes would be able to understand.

“That day I was striving to explain the situation to one of my friends & he didn’t get any clue about my topic since it is one among those things which you can’t afford to miss. There is no option and hence you cannot ever think about missing out on it. Everything was clear for me. I knew perfectly whatever I was required to do & I perfectly knew about the line. The sole thing which one is required to perform is perform it. It hasn’t ever come to me that I could fail. It is really nice to know yourself this way as I’m never scared of failure nor I was scared of winning. I feel a great lot of people- & you find in various sports too- sometimes they’re scared of winning as it’s a completely different scenario- it could be uncomfortable.”

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