The PGA of America gave him the title of ‘little girl’ after which he has become disappointed. The title was bestowed to him on different handles of social media. More than disappointment he is shocked about it.

The book which was released recently titled as ‘No Limits’, Ted Bishop singled out Poulter for criticising the jobs inferred to Tom Watson and Nick Faldo who were the captains of Ryder Cup.

Among the list of greatest players, Faldo does belong to the list of Britain’s players who was the captain of European team but was defeated in the Ryder Cup in 2008. He has 8 majors and 5 titles of British Open under his belt. He also captained the team of USA but there as well he had to witness defeat at Gleneagles.

For the junior programme of Faldo Ted Bishop was with him and that is when he tweeted about Poulter that the record set by Faldo stands and compared his records with Poulter naming him as the little girl. On the facebook page as well he hinted that players who have achieved less in their career as opposed to the icons should not match up their abilities with them. He boasted of the record held by Watson as well as by Faldo.

He went too far and also pointed out that it was like school girl squealing during the break. To a golf channel Poulter responded back saying that disgusting statements hurt and shocked him. Later Bishop realised his mistake and condemned the fact that he could have reacted in a different manner without offending him. Poulter did state in his book about the style of Watson which baffles him. In the book though, Poulter has commented about Faldo’s role in the team as well and the comments have stirred up against him by Ted Bishop.

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